SSC - 2D Geometric Space Combat



Welcome to SSC, the 2D (OpenGL accelerated) arcade shoot-em-up featuring numerous colorful bouncy balls.

You can download the preview version of the game from

or (preferably) from Here are some screenshots to whet your appetite:


Before you can compile and play SSC there are a few requirements. You must have hardware graphics acceleration, or else the game will be painfully slow. As far as libraries are concerned, you should have OpenGL (usually present). You will need SDL and SDL_mixer (for sound) as well. FreeType2 is required for truetype font rendering. ODE is now required, but is bundled with the source distributions.


Version 0.9 will introduce the following features:

Subsequent versions after 1.0 will work toward other goals maintained in the README.

User Information

If you are looking for a quick five minutes of blast-em-up action, you'll have to get this thing compiled first. The basic steps are:

	tar xvfj ssc-0.8.tar.bz2
        cd ssc-0.8
	make install	# as root

And this should produce an executable 'ssc' which can be run directly. The game looks for its datafiles in /usr/local/share/ssc/ (hardcorded for now, sorry).

To play, you can use the arrow keys to move and the key 'A' to fire, as such:

Key Description
a fire
s toggle slow-motion (half-time)
r toggle radar display
c cycle camera view
[up] accelerate
[down] decelerate (quickly)
[left] rotate left
[right] rotate right
[pause] toggle game pause
[F1] toggle full-screen
[ESC] exit game

There is some code for mouse control, but it isn't an optimal configuration.

General tips:

Developer Information

I am looking for input into the project. Goals are:

General game idea goals are a physics based game (not necessarily entirely composed of circles, but probably 2D) which features interesting enemies, intense gameplay, and AI/a-life themes.

I am open to suggestions!


This game is written by Thomas D. Marsh. It draws a lot of inspiration from its predecessor Koules.

The audio code was used from Chromium BSU and is Copyright (c) 2000 Mark B. Allan. Check it out at

The fonts come from Divide By Zero (

The asteroid code has been adapted by the instructive game A Steroid by Paolo Cignoni.

TrueType support is achieved with a massively stripped down OGLFT.

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